Zo Ann Morten

Zo Ann Morten

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Professionally, Zo Ann found her niche with the Pacific Streamkeepers Federation, which she co-founded in 1995. She has been the executive director of this organization that supports over 300 groups and thousands of volunteers across BC. She arranges training and insurance, develops training materials, connects groups with much needed resources, and helps organize annual gathering of scientists and volunteers.


Zo Ann was born in 1958, and grew up in Westlynn. She and Pat were married in 1975, and raised their two sons in the Lynnmour area. They currently reside in Westlynn.


Zo Ann Morten has a long history of involvement in the community:

  • Parent advisory council at Lynnmour Community School
  • North Shore Streamkeepers (since 1993)
  • Morten Creek Salmon Enhancement Project (community hatchery at the site of the closed Premier Street landfill, since 1988)
  • North Shore Emergency Preparedness Committee for over 20 years
  • Local chapter of Osteoporosis Canada for nine years
  • Contributed to the Lynnmour Neighbourhood Plan and the District Official Community Plan.
  • Metro Vancouver consultation and stakeholder processes


She has been active on many committees and contributed to policy development, program reviews, and action plans. These include the

  • Pacific Salmon Foundation Community Salmon Program grant allocation committee,
  • Salmon Enhancement and Habitat Advisory Board,
  • Marine Conservation Caucus
  • Fraser Salmon and Watersheds Program
  • Georgia Basin Living Rivers.


With a long record in her own community and in working with groups across BC, Zo Ann:

  • has a positive and enthusiastic attitude,
  • has management, organizing and problem-solving skills,
  • is practical and pragmatic.
  • listen's well, hones in on important questions and asks "so what", then works toward solutions that recognize a balance of sometimes competing viewpoints.
  • understands the importance of both individual rights and consistent community standards.
  • is open-minded and is willing to modify her views if she can be convinced.
  • is used to managing budgets and annual plans and knows about the importance of wise spending and investment in the community
  • is inclusive (working with youth at risk, involving people with special needs in volunteer activities)


Zo Ann's actions have been recognized:

  • 1993 - District of North Vancouver named Morten Creek after her (location of a community hatchery next to Lynn Creek)
  • 1993 - Deputy Minister's Commendation recognizing a valuable contribtion bringing credit to the DFO
  • 1995 - District of North Vancouver Green Award
  • 2001 - International Year of the Volunteer representing the Pacific Region for working with volunteer groups that work with Fisheries and Oceans Canada.
  • 2002 - Coho Society Watershed Steward Award
  • 2003 - DFO Community Programs "For outstanding contribution to the watershed community"
  • 2003 - DFO "In recognition of your valuable contribution to habitat conservation and stewardship"
  • 2005 - Burns Bog Conservation Society "Science and Technology Award"
  • 2006 - Fraser Basin Council "Caring for Ecosystems Award"
  • 2008 - DFO Morten Creek Project 20 Year Award
  • 2013 - Governor General's Caring Canadian Medal
  • 2014 - DNV Leadership award
  • 2015 - DFO Pacific Streamkeepers Federation 20 Year Award
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